You don't want my money? Part III

Posted: November 25, 2006 in General

Samsung MonitorEarly this week I placed an order for one of Dell’s 2007WFP (20″ wide screen monitors). I had pretty much decided that this was going to be my next monitor, and I’ve been watching the price over the last 18 months or so. Early this week I was able to get it for $323.00 after tax, which is a pretty damn good price.

My reasoning behind getting this monitor is two fold: 1) I wanted something other than my old 27″ TV to play my Xbox 360 on(that I was planning on buying), and 2) I plan on finally replacing my G4 desktop machine with something that isn’t 4 years old, but my 22″ monitor won’t work with anything new.

On Thanksgiving I tried to get in on Amazon’s $100 Xbox special, but failed miserably. Instead I did see a note (ironically enough) that Dell had 15% off anything over $400. So I loaded up with all the Xbox 360 stuff I thought I needed and placed the order. All was right in the world (well with the exception that Dell says that they won’t ship the Xbox for more than two weeks*).

This morning I hopped on Dell’s site to see what the progress of shipping my monitor and/or the Xbox was. I was scratching my head when my shopping list shows only the Xbox 360 (and the Harmony remote I bought last month), and no monitor.

I’m completely confused. Now, I’ll be the first to admit, that I don’t always read things closely when I’m shopping online, so it’s very possible that I may have not “completed” the order. This is certainly within the realm of possibility. Of course the other possibilities are that: 1) Dell canceled the order and didn’t tell me, or 2) The order is still in progress, however it doesn’t appear with the others.

Of course the kicker is that when I tried to place the order for the monitor (again) today, it’s price had changed, and it was now $70 more expensive. Of course this is all a bit of a moot point since the monitor supported 1680×1050, which is (unfortunately) shy of the 1920×1080 required for 1080p. After a little consternation I decided instead to get something a little less ambitious (and less expensive too), but fits better with my goals. Instead, I bought a 19″ widescreen Samsung monitor (which actually makes more sense, and will actually display the Xbox image larger on the screen than the Dell).

The bottom line here is that again, Dell had my money. I was going to buy the product, but their system is not idiot proof. They lost my $300. Maybe not a big deal to them, but how many others have they lost for the same reason?

*I’m hoping Dell’s ship times are similar to Amazon’s crazy ship estimates, and that I’ll get it much quicker than this.

As a side note, Dell’s site is horrible. I can never find anything I’m looking for. Things that you think you should be able to click on don’t do anything, and the search is pretty useless. I’m not surprised that their ordering process is broken.


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