Tenacious' humor is tenuous.

Posted: November 26, 2006 in General, Movies/TV/Music

My review of Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny.2.5 stars

Tenacious D PODI’m a Jack Black fan, which is a little ironic, because I don’t really like a lot of what he stars in. Most of the 11 films that he’s been in since the Tenacious D HBO special are pretty forgettable (like Shallow Hal and Envy). There are a few films like High Fidelity and Orange County which are stand-outs, but JB’s track record certainly doesn’t seem to be in-line with his “star” status.

I guess that pretty much tends to indicate what kind of film The Pick of Destiny was to become. There’s not a whole lot to say beyond that other than I thought both the HBO, and the first Tenacious D album were superior to The Pick of Destiny.

That’s not to say that The Pick of Destiny is completely useless as a film. If you enter into it knowing that it’s takes the “dick and fart jokes” label probably just a little too literal, then you might actually enjoy the movie. Ironically the first few minutes of the film are much better than the rest (and Jack Black is not even present). In the end, however, The Pick of Destiny feels like a sloppy copy of the HBO special.


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