Let's wax intellectual about the state of being (ordered)

Posted: November 28, 2006 in Computing, Gaming, General

Xbox 360I got home today exhausted from going to the gym for the first time in a week (and overdoing it), to find a nice heavy package sitting on my front porch. I’ve ordered a lot of crap over the last week for the holidays, so I was pretty happy to see that it was the Xbox 360 I ordered on Thursday. Chalk it up to Dell for being nimble on the shipping.

I tore into the box like a kid at Christmas, and noticed one item missing. I hate it when this happens, because the only thing worse than one item (Gears of War) missing, is if the item is missing but appears on the shipping receipt (because then I worry about the impending struggle trying to convince the retailer of their error). Thankfully this was not the case.

After playing Project Gotham Racing 3 until almost midnight, I decided to check the status of the order to try to find out when I would be receiving Gears of War.

So I logged onto Dell’s site and pulled up my order history (which, as a side note, doesn’t work in Safari), to discover that Dell still states that the order won’t for two weeks. I don’t mean Gears of War, I mean everything I ordered (Xbox 360 inclusive). It certainly does make you question the process behind the scenes over there at Dell.

I guess I can’t complain too much. I did receive my package pretty quick considering only one full business day had passed between my order and its delivery.


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