Big Wheel Keeps on Turning

Posted: December 18, 2006 in General

GOW ScreenThis past weekend reminded me of wasted time from earlier in my childhood, when I would boot up the Commodore 64 and play video games until I couldn’t see straight. This weekend it was Gears of War. Specifically multi-player Xbox Live team on team battles. Too bad I kinda suck.

I stand by my four star review of Gears of War, even after playing some great multiplayer. It’s still missing something that Halo has (something that I can’t quite describe). Sure, it looks a whole lot better than Halo 2 (but that is to be expected), but there is still that missing ingredient. Regardless of this, I still spent quite a few hours taking pot-shots at other players (instead of doing most of the things I had planned on doing this weekend).

The bottom line is that Gears of War is a pretty good game, but the multiplayer is better. I feel that Halo 3 will probably trounce GOW in both arenas, but that decision will have to wait for a while yet.


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