Breaking up is hard to do.

Posted: January 6, 2007 in General

AbigailI’m not a huge fan of ferrets. When I first met Cara she had a ferret (Mimi), who was sick and slowly dying. At that point I didn’t understand the joys or pains of owning a ferret. Unfortunately Mimi died, and life went on. Then one day during Cara’s internship she adopted a ferret that the owners were going to euthanize (because they couldn’t afford to have the surgery that he needed).

I learned the joys of ferret ownership then. Ferrets are like cats on crack when they’re young, they don’t sit still and are constantly trying to explore. When they’re in a playful mood they jump around, and are generally pretty cute. Of course I learned the pains of ferret ownership too. You can’t let ferrets run free, so you have to confine them to a cage, and when you let them out, you have to confine them to a space. Ferrets stink. It’s a stink that you can learn to like (it’s a very musky odor), but even worse, ferrets are not litter trained. They like to poop in corners, but rarely do you only have four corners in a room.

So I’m not a ferret fan, they’re more of a pain than a good pet. The problem is that ferrets tend to be social creatures, and they are better pets when you have more than one. Nigel (the adopted ferret) was lonely, so one day in November, Cara adopted a little blonde ferret (a reject from PetCo because she was blind). I have to admit, that I grew attached to her in a way that I never did with Nigel.

Unfortunately Nigel didn’t feel the same about the new ferret (who we named Abigail). Every time we attempted to introduce the two of them, Nigel would attack Abigail. We kept them separated, and every so often we would try to see if Nigel had adjusted to her.

It was not to be, and with heavy hearts we decided to try and find a new home for Abigail. Today was that day. Cara took the little ferret to work with her to introduce her to her new family (a pair of older ferrets). Losing a pet is always a hard thing to do. Although she is not lost to the world, she is no longer ours to love, and that is sad.

To Abigal, the only ferret that made the pains of ferret ownership worth it. I will miss her.


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