Back from St. Lucia

Posted: February 12, 2007 in General

Saturday morning (in the moments before 1am), Cara and I returned from our trip to St. Lucia. I have to say that overall the vacation was mediocre, which is an unfortunate thing to say.

Things didn’t start out well. Our flight was supposed to leave at 6am, so Cara and I left the house around 3:30. We arrived to find that the ticket counter doesn’t even open until 4:30 (so we stood in line for a half hour that we could have been sleeping). When we finally boarded the plane we were told that the flight was being delayed due to weather in Atlanta (where we were connecting through). We landed five minutes before our connecting flight was supposed to take off (and we were three terminals away). After a quick discussion with Delta about rescheduling the flight we found out that Delta only flies to St. Lucia once a day.

Luckly we were able to catch the plane before it took off. We landed a number of hours later worn and grumpy, of course then we had about an hour drive across the island in a little van to add “car sick” to our list of ailments.

I won’t continue recounting all the various tales from our vacation, but instead highlight the highs and lows:

The good:

St. Lucia is beautiful. The weather was pretty decent the entire week. Typical of caribbean islands, they might get five minutes of rain, but the sun returns quickly. Our trip was not spoiled by weather.

We went on two excursions that were pretty cool. The first was the rain forest canopy zip-lines, and the second was a land-and-sea tour that allowed us to see the important areas of the country.

The bad:

I’m pretty sure I’ve said it before, but all-inclusive resorts (specifically Sandals), are a good idea on paper, but not so great in real life. We suffered from spotty service and the drinks at the bar pretty much suck. I think there is something to be said when your wait staff works for the tip, or when you have to pay cash for a drink. I don’t think the value is there when you pay for it all up front. That’s not to say that all the meals were bad, or the service was horrible, but certainly worse than I would expect.


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