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Is there a buffalo in the room?

Posted: April 29, 2007 in General

Now that I’m untethered (in terms of computing) with my new 17″ MacBook Pro (which I’m quite fond of), my thoughts have turned to how to make the most of not needing a desk for my computing needs. The big problem here is that I’ve been running a RAID array of our music and photos on the desktop machine for years now (which has grown to about 140GB of data). I couldn’t get rid of the desktop machine until I had a place to put all that data.


Adding one to the stable.

Posted: April 28, 2007 in General

Good thing I came up with the idea of parking the Subaru and Jeep at an angle so we could fit one more in there.

The new car is a 2007 Toyota Corolla S with just about all the options. I wanted to get traction control and stability control on the car, but it seems that no one orders those options, so we got the only Corolla S in New England with those options.

That said, it’s not a car I would have chosen for myself, nor would I have chosen it for Cara, but she wanted something with good gas milage (it’s rated 30/38), and four doors.

Lifespan of the average computer

Posted: April 10, 2007 in Computing

G4 MacI wonder what the usable life span of a computer is? I don’t mean how long will it function before it dies, but how long can you use the computer as primary machine before you need to replace it (or significantly replace components).

My desktop machine was introduced by Apple in January of 2002. Five years and three months ago. It was discontinued in October of 2002. Sure, I’ve upgraded the graphics card, added memory and swapped hard drives, but the core of the machine remains unchanged. I’ve seen one generation come and go (G5), and the switch to Intel machines, but I’ve stuck with my G4 (Quicksilver).

Well… until today. Today I finally upgrade. No more desktop, no more PowerPC in its place (as my primary machined) a 17″ MacBook Pro will sit.

I have to admit that I feel that I’ve really stretched the machine about as far as I could, and feature creep has on occasion brought the G4 to its knees (I can barely play video content from the iTunes music store). The king is dead… long live the king.