Is there a buffalo in the room?

Posted: April 29, 2007 in General

Now that I’m untethered (in terms of computing) with my new 17″ MacBook Pro (which I’m quite fond of), my thoughts have turned to how to make the most of not needing a desk for my computing needs. The big problem here is that I’ve been running a RAID array of our music and photos on the desktop machine for years now (which has grown to about 140GB of data). I couldn’t get rid of the desktop machine until I had a place to put all that data.

My solution was two-fold. First, Buffalo recently released a new Terrastation Quattro line. Four hard drives that can be configured as most of the standard RAID configurations, including RAID 5. That gives me 750GB of mirrored storage (so even if one hard drive completely dies, the data can still be recovered). Second, Apple’s new Airport Extreme base station which supports 802.11n (spec) wireless networking (5x faster than the current standard).

The beauty here is that you plug the Buffalo into the back of the Airport Base Station, change a few options, and now whenever you log onto the network the RAID array automatically mounts on your desktop.

I’m still working out a few minor kinks, but it appears to be a great solution for my new mobile computing philosophy. On a side note, I will post a review of the Buffalo Terrastation Quattro later this week.


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