Slaving in the coal mine

Posted: August 5, 2007 in General, House

I’ve been saying it for more than a year now (probably closer to two), I can start getting projects done if I can just finish the basement!

Our basement is pretty typical of a hundred year old house. It’s a little musty with a layer of “stuff” just about everywhere. We’re lucky it has a concrete (vs. dirt) floor. I’ve painted the floor (well almost), build a wall to partition the “workshop” from the rest of the basement, and begun to run some new electrical (the space desperately needs more light, and there are too few outlets). I feel like I’m on a roll, and the space is starting to take shape, and I may even have everything completed in a few more weeks.

Of course, then the real work begins. I have a number of small projects that I want to work on, and Cara and I have several large projects to complete as well (not to mention wanting to get the Lotus running again).


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