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Web design isn't cheap

Posted: September 14, 2007 in Computing, General

Web design isn’t cheap. Well, what I mean is that great web design isn’t cheap. Not all that long ago I decided to try to get a little more of my life back and turned over my final freelance client to ForeSite. I really enjoyed working for Skinovative, but the time and energy it took competed with my happiness. It was a tough decision because I had a lot of freedom working for them, and that extra paycheck was nice.

Working as part of the ForeSite team I was about to continue building some great stuff for Skinovative. Of course when I was working for Skinovative I was charging them a discounted freelance rate. As a corporation with overhead, ForeSite’s rate is (obviously) not nearly as reasonable, and after six months the client started to wonder why their Web development was costing so much.