Leopard, not all that great

Posted: December 1, 2007 in Computing, General

After Apple released the 10.5.1 update earlier this week, I decided it was time to upgrade to Leopard. Having a $100 gift card from Amazon helped me make this decision. So what’s my impression?

Well for starters, all those complaints about the menu bar translucency and the dock looking not so great? Not that big of a deal. I still stripped the background out of my dock like I have in the past and pinned it to the lower right corner. That’s just the way I roll.

Quicklook? A nice to have. I’ve used it a number of times already. Spaces? I don’t know… it seems like something that really needs some serious UI work, there are so many ways this could be useful, but it doesn’t do any of them (yet). New Icons? HORRIBLE. New Windows? Beautiful.

I’m sure there are some other things in here that are worth having, but here are the things I’ve had issues with (or things I dislike):

  1. You can’t hide the Finder’s sidebar now, well not unless you hide the Toolbar too
  2. The automount for the 6 month old airport drive not only doesn’t work, but was removed by the Leopard installer.
  3. On several occasions I’ve found the OS unresponsive. Clicks being ignored unless I “slow clicked” (held the mouse button for a moment). Scroll bars haven’t worked (in Safari and iTunes), and a variety of other UI ugliness

I’m sure that’s not a complete list, but it covers my biggest issues. So what is the bottom line? Is it worth purchasing and installing on your Mac? My vote would be “no”. I haven’t noticed a huge improvement in the rest of the system, and there are several nagging issues that will hopefully be fixed soon. I may change my opinion as I get more seat time, but for now I recommend sticking with Tiger.


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