Vista and Leopard two sides of the same coin

Posted: December 7, 2007 in Computing, General

I know I already made my feelings known about Leopard. I’ve been living with it a bit longer now, but I came to the realization that Leopard may be the closest thing to a Microsoft “type” product that Apple has released in the last 10 years.

The bottom line is that Leopard has been problematic. I’ve found additional issues in the last week, many aren’t show-stoppers. There just seems to be more than a reasonable number of bugs in the system.

So I mentioned my frustration with the Airport disk automount software that was removed from my computer with the upgrade. I have two major issues here. First, the software was removed from my computer without my consent. Second, I find it very troubling that software that is less than a year old apparently won’t work with the newest OS. Especially ironic since something like the 10 year old laser printer actually works better with Leopard than it did with Tiger. That said, I’ve been kind of dissatisfied with the Airport Extreme + hard drive solution that I’ve put in place, but that is a post for another day.

Another issue I have with Leopard is that fact that the Finder seems to be buggier then its predecessor (although Panther’s Finder was the worst). It will refuse to unmount my iPod or disk images (and yet the Disk Utility can dump them easily).

The last of the trifecta of “most annoying issues” is the fact that iPhoto is having great difficulty ever since the upgrade. It took almost 20 minutes to pull 10 photos off of the Canon Rebel the other day, many times I thought iPhoto locked up. I’m not sure if this is a network issue or a iPhoto issue, but I’m positive that it’s related to the Leopard upgrade. Granted I’m using an iPhoto that is one version behind, but again I’m not using ancient technology here.

I’m not a Windows user, and I have no seat time with Vista, but I wonder if many Vista users feel like I do. I know several have gone back to using XP. I have to admit that I’ve considered going back to Tiger.


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