A shadow of their former self

Posted: December 18, 2007 in General

For shits and giggles I, once in a blue moon, (or perhaps even less often) click through my friends (and enemies) list to see what’s up in the world. It’s kind of interesting because I use my little list of links to peer into the lives of those who I would consider “friends on pause” (people who I would gladly dine/hang out with, but who I just don’t talk to). This is my way of lurking in their lives, and seeing what is going on without actually interacting (how very introverted and stalkerish of me). It’s actually one of the reasons I still bother posting to my own blog (not to mention I kind of enjoy reading my own historical blog posts).

I have a few FOP who are actually quite prolific, but I kind of stare at the words and make funny sounds as my brain can’t process the words. I just mean that they talk about things that are just outside of my either interest or knowledge, it’s always been that way and I just chalk it up to being on the outside looking in.

I do have a few FOP that sporadically post, I probably fall into this category. The blog may stay the same for a few months before an onslaught of writing happens, then they are silent again. That’s ok though, it’s kind of fun, at least I know they are still alive.

The last of the FOP are the shadows of their former self. Broken web sites, old posts (more than one of my FOP have only posted once in the last 12 months). I’m sure they have their reasons, but to be honest it seems like those are the people I am most curious about (and those are the people I’m most disappointed in).

My life is pretty stable now, and every so often I look back to the people I’ve known and wonder what they are up to. Of course, to be honest I (perhaps selfishly) wonder if they are outside looking in on my life too.


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