It's Been a While

Posted: December 18, 2007 in Gaming, General

It’s been a while since I’ve put my thoughts forth in regard to the games I’ve been playing. It’s been a good six months for gaming. We’ve seen three of maybe the best Xbox 360 games ever released, so as 2007 nears its end I thought I’d review some of my favorites.

Halo 34.0 stars
In my circle of friends I’ve always been the Halo fan boy, perhaps it’s a bit ironic that as Halo 3’s release date neared I was unemotional about the whole thing. Sure I preordered the game to make sure I had it on opening day, but I didn’t camp out so that I could get it at midnight (although I did take half the day off of work to get home to play it).

Halo 3 is very much like the end(?) of a good trilogy. It was a solid game that gave us all what we expected, but they really didn’t break any molds here. To be completely honest, Halo 3 is what should be the norm for a video game, the average, and the only thing that elevates this game is most everything else is crap. That may not be entirely fair though, Halo 3 is above average, but it doesn’t reach greatness.

One thing is for sure, it does whet the appetite and it makes me wonder what is next for Master Chief, and more importantly how will Master Chief fare when Bungie isn’t pulling the strings (Bungie the developer is now independent from Microsoft again, however Microsoft owns the Halo franchise).

Bioshock4.5 stars
My review of Bioshock before Halo 3 was released may have been different than my review after. I was fully expecting Halo 3 to knock my socks off, and when it didn’t I think I saw Bioshock in a better light.

That’s not to say Bioshock was a bad game, quite the opposite (as evident with my 4.5 stars). Bioshock has what the first Halo had, atmosphere, history, grandeur. Of course it also has solid game play. The wonder of Bioshock can only come from the total lack of expectation. This was a game that barely anyone heard anything about a few months before its release. Like a great indie film it blindsided all of us, and that’s not a bad thing.

I’ll repeat what I said earlier in the Halo 3 review. This wouldn’t be so amazing if it weren’t for the fact that so many games of this type totally suck. It’s good to see that somebody really gave a shit on this one.

Rock Band4.0 stars
Rock Band, like Halo 3 I wasn’t super psyched for. To be honest, it met my expectations (by no means a bad thing). I’m glad they turned out some great tracks for this game (because really I don’t think anyone has been that happy with the track listing since the original Guitar Hero). This is the ultimate party game, and totally worth the $180 it costs to pick up the whole shebang.

Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action2.5 stars
I picked up Scene It because there really hasn’t been a decent multiplayer game that Cara and I could play together. It seemed like a natural choice (not to mention the possibility of becoming a decent party game).

The trivia is decent, but this game gets on my nerves for one major thing. LAME ASS HUMOR. Scene It? is like a watered down, half-assed version of You Don’t Know Jack. I honestly can’t imagine who thought this stuff was funny.


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