Why Walmart is beating out the little guy

Posted: April 3, 2008 in House

I live one mile from a Walmart, about three miles from a Home Depot, and five from both a Target and a Lowes. My local lumber/hardware store is probably a little over two miles from my house.

I have no love for Home Depot or Lowes, but if I need certain things, I know I can find them there. Recently for the home renovations I needed some off-size steel studs that I know Home Depot doesn’t have in-stock. So I decided to instead go to my local lumber company to purchase.

Like many people in this world, I work during the week, so I ventured out to the store on Saturday. I arrive at 12:15 in the afternoon to find that although the store is open, the desk to order lumber closes at noon.

I find this completely frustrating. Maybe it’s because I’m used to Home Depot being open (almost) any time I need something, but it mystifies me how a business like your local hardware store can stay in business closing at 3PM on a Saturday, and not even opening on a Sunday. Beyond that, when I did return the next weekend before noon, the guy at the order desk looked at me completely dumbfounded when I told him what I wanted.

Sure Home Depot is impersonal, but why should I shop at the little guy if my experience is even worse than shopping at the large stores?


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