Time to get my ass in gear

Posted: April 6, 2008 in Automotive, House, Subaru

This weekend was the first reasonably nice weekend of the year. After months of dragging my ass out of bed late on the weekends, I actually got motivated (well as motivated as I get) to do something.

I drove down to Logan Steel to get some construction materials for the renovations, then returned home to swap out the brakes on the WRX and put my new wheels and tires on the car (which looks pretty great now).

The unfortunate thing is that the calendar somehow seems very short, and my list of things to do is very long. Before mid-July I need to have the renovations complete. I would also like to have the Lotus (finally) running again, as well as have the Jeep ready for off roading again. A lot of work to do in a short twelve weeks.

Let the craziness begin!


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