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I’m someone who tends to think of Hartford pretty fondly. I don’t go out often, but I’ve always thought that there were a reasonable number of bars to satisfy anyone’s urge to go out on the weekend. Things started out promising enough when I attempted to find some place for the seven of us (Justin, Jr., Brian, Mark, April, Cara, and I) to dine. Things seemed pretty booked, pretty busy, the way a REAL city should be!


Yesterday Cara and I joined Jr, Justin, and Larissa to help the impending parents (Donna and Todd) get some work done around their place. We primed and painted the baby’s room, and (oddly enough) helped Todd pull the engine out of his old car.

Today the house projects continued at home. Cara and I bought lighting for the living room, I finished (mostly) framing the tray ceiling, and then I started on the entertainment center (having that nail gun makes things pretty quick). Of course all of this is a drop in the bucket. Earlier this week I outlined my task list and calculated the amount of time it will take me to complete this project, my grand total? 160 hours. Time to get a move on…

Getting my CS3 on

Posted: May 7, 2008 in General

I finally broke down and purchased my own personal copy of Adobe Creative Suite 3. I’ve been using it at work for probably a year now, but I just thought it was a little expensive for “home” use, especially since I’m not doing any real freelance work anymore.


Cinco de Quatro

Posted: May 4, 2008 in General

Larissa and Justin hosted a great Quatro de Mayo [sic] party in Vernon yesterday. It was the first party that had an invasion of kids, a first (and most likely not the last). Two very pregnant women (Karen and Donna), and four kids running around. Thankfully I don’t think it impacted anyone’s “fun factor”, which bodes well for future parties.