I didn't think Hartford was that bad…

Posted: May 18, 2008 in Movies/TV/Music

I’m someone who tends to think of Hartford pretty fondly. I don’t go out often, but I’ve always thought that there were a reasonable number of bars to satisfy anyone’s urge to go out on the weekend. Things started out promising enough when I attempted to find some place for the seven of us (Justin, Jr., Brian, Mark, April, Cara, and I) to dine. Things seemed pretty booked, pretty busy, the way a REAL city should be!

We ended up going to Vaughn’s or dinner. Perhaps I should have taken it as a sign of things to come when I ordered a Bass and was told that there was only one left.

So the real point here is this. We wanted to find a bar that had a live band to hang out in. Back in the day this wasn’t a problem. You had Bourbon Street, The Brickyard, Bar With No Name and others that always seemed to have bands playing. Well, Hartford has changed. Not a single bar from Pratt Street to Allyn Street had a band.

So it seems like there are one choice if you want to be assured of live music in Hartford: Black Eye’d Sally’s (the only problem is that it’s Blues and tends to be an older crowd). We didn’t end up there, instead we went to The Pour House where at least the DJ was “spinning” rock from the 90’s.

Our night ended up pretty well considering (we actually left at about 1:15 when the DJ started playing Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”).


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