The Doctor finally gets it right

Posted: June 7, 2008 in Movies/TV/Music

I just finished watching the two part Doctor Who epsiodes Silence in the Library & Forest of the Dead written by Steven Moffat (who apparently will be the show runner next year). I have to say that this is by far (and I do mean BY FAR) the best Who episode in the four years since its return. The only episode that comes even close is “The Girl In the Fireplace” from season 2 (and I just noticed that this too was written by Steven Moffat).

This really brings me hope for the future of Who, because honestly I’ve been repeatedly disappointed in the quality of writing (although I wonder if that’s mostly because Russell T. Davies has written most of the episodes up to this point). Looking through past seasons Moffat has written one story per season. Although not all of his stories have been stellar, they all seemed to have a more serious tone which is really what Who needs.


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