Where oh where did my iPhone go?

Posted: June 10, 2008 in Computing

I was psyched for the introduction of the 3G iPhone, but in the end I’m left a little unexcited after the lead up to yesterday’s WWDC keynote. There are two things that I have issue with. First, I was expecting more, sure the 3G iPhone with GPS is great, but that’s what we were expecting, where’s the shock and awe? Where’s that wonderment that is Apple? I can’t say I’m disappointed in the capabilities of the phone (or the price point), but we knew most/all of this was coming months ago, this is very un-Apple!

More importantly is the release date of the new phone, and this is my bigger issue. Here’s the situation, the next iPhone doesn’t come out for a month, but by introducing it (with the new price point), it pretty much guarantees that (even if you could find one), that no one will be buying an iPhone for a month. I know this is a new industry for Apple, but it seems asinine to create a void in your product for more than a month (I think by July 11, Apple will have been “out” of iPhones for close to eight weeks).

I honestly can’t believe Apple is really that short sighted (after all, this has to equate to several million dollars of revenue that isn’t coming in). So there are two likely reasons for this void. They may be trying to create this void to buffer the switchover to subsidized cell plans (although this is pretty unlikely). More likely is that the hardware is ready, but there are software issues that they are working on.


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