From 100 to 0

Posted: July 22, 2008 in Computing, iPhone

Not too long ago I received one of those sort-of heart sinking emails from my service provider telling me that my mailbox was almost full. You see, I don’t tend to throw stuff out. I’ve been getting very good at managing my email, but I refuse to discard things. To put it in perspective (and I’m sure I’m not the worst,) my oldest email that I have saved (on the server) is from January 23, 2001.

The problem at hand is that not too long ago I switched from using POP mail to IMAP, which for those of you who aren’t technically savvy, basically means that my email is all stored on the server instead of locally. I do this because I have multiple machines that access the email, and this way they are all synchronized. The issue comes into play where I have (or should say “had”) almost 100 megabytes of email data stored on the server. It just so happens that my service provider limits me to 100MB of data, so I was saturated.

The short term solution was to delete any emails that might be a little to large. Things with photos and files attached. Of course, this is only short term. The long term solution is to either: begin archiving my emails more often, or to switch to a different email provider.

I opted for the second, and it didn’t take long for me to find a reasonable backup… . For $0 you can set up your business with email accounts. Not only that, each email account can have up to 6GB of storage (60x what my previous provider was giving me).

So now instead of 100% saturation, I’m at 0% saturation.


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