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A Tee-shirt a Week

Posted: September 23, 2008 in Baby, Tee a Week

So, at the new job we don’t have a dress code (well, ok, I suppose we are required to wear pants… I think). So I’ve gone to running out of button down shirts and pressed slacks to, well running low on tee-shirts. I’ve decided to set a challenge for myself, I’m going to buy a tee-shirt a week.


Last weekend I finally gave that “renovations” ball a push to see if I could get it rolling again (ok, Cara probably gave me a push to do it). It’s actually been two full months since I’ve touched the living room and dining room. Of course leading up to our pool party Cara and I both spent every waking hour working on those rooms.


Quitting is never easy

Posted: September 1, 2008 in Computing, Gaming, General, iPhone

It’s nice to be loved. When you break up with your girlfriend you finally figure out what kind of relationship you had. All the truth comes out, you find the real truth of character. I think a job is similar.