Finepix F30 Update

Posted: December 14, 2008 in General

First, I wanted to mention that there is a way to turn off the green LED on focusing. I’m sure I’ll get some blurry photos, but it’s nice to know I can always turn it on if I need it. Since that was the only real annoyance, I have to say that I really think the F30 is a special camera.

I took a quick test shot comparing the Canon Digital Rebel vs. the Fuji F30. There is no doubt the Canon trounces the Fuji in low light (not that I’m surprised). For a good comparison, I also took the same photo with my old point and shoot (the FinePix A340), as well as my iPhone.

In my sample the top left is the F30, to its right is the Canon Rebel. The second row is the 340 followed by the iPhone.

I wanted to match resolution to the F30 (6.1MP), so I had to scale the Rebel’s image down (8MP), and both the A340 (3.9MP) and the iPhone (1.9MP) had to be scaled up. Both the F30 and Rebel were shot with the same ISO1600 setting at 1/4 second. The Rebel was only able to open up to a f3.5 and the F30 went to f2.8. The A340 reports it’s ISO as 100, so the exposure was eight times as long (2 seconds). The iPhone also reports ISO 100, but doesn’t indicate any shutter speed in its EXIF data.

It’s obvious that the Canon is by far superior than any of the others. The image is crisp and clear. The F30 starts to shine when you compare it to the other two cameras. Even if I was able to hold the A340 steady the image quality would still suffer, and when we throw in the iPhone things look even better.

Bottom line is that there isn’t any comparison between the quality of the Canon SLR (with image stabilization lens) and the F30, but then again, I don’t think anyone would expect that the F30 would be a better camera than the SLR. In the end, the F30 I can slip into my pocket and take it to concert, not something I’m about to do with the Canon.


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