Best Mac Ever

Posted: January 21, 2009 in Computing, General

MacWorld, via John Gruber asks what the best Mac ever is (if you’re a Apple fan-boy I recommend choosing your own before reading the article).

I chose the SE/30… and I’m not the only one. Gruber himself chose the SE/30 (along with others). I’ve owned many Macs over the years (10+ including one Power Computing machine). Most were good or great machines, but the SE/30 has a number of things that make it the best Mac ever. Although it was the classic Mac design (which is a good thing), it packed so much into that box.

Apple has introduced the Macintosh II almost two years before the introduction of the SE/30, and the Mac IIx was introduced several months before the SE/30. In many ways it’s amazing the SE/30 even came to be since Apple continued selling the original SE (or the classic), for many years.

The SE/30 contained the fastest processor Apple was putting in machines, but what really pushes this machine into greatness was the PDS slot contained inside the case. Although hidden behind four torx screws (so not really easily accessible), this allowed you to add additional capabilities to the SE/30.

I filled mine with a Micron Color card, but the machine wasn’t out of tricks yet. The folks over at Micron produced an adaptor card for the back of the 9″ internal monitor that allowed the monitor to display 8-bit gray scale (using the color card).

Ironically, although the SE/30 was sold for almost three years, its predecessors were never quite as powerful. Apple has produced many great computers, but the SE/30 was the greatest.


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