The media Kobayashi Maru (no win scenario)

Posted: January 23, 2009 in General, Movies/TV/Music

I just bid on, and won, an HD-DVD player. You know, HD-DVD, the Betamax of the high def formats? Why, you might ask, would I do such a dumb thing? Why not go with the flow and buy Bluray?

  1. Just because HD-DVD is no longer produced doesn’t mean Bluray has won the war. I believe that like as with CDs, high def content will never succeed in a physical format. Bluray will be more like laserdisc and less like VHS
  2. An HD-DVD player makes a VERY nice DVD player (the upscaling is very high quality). Since DVDs aren’t dead (and will live for a long time), having a good DVD player is key.
  3. Because HD-DVD is dead, those titles that are still available can be found for quite a bargain (I just bought Chronicles of Riddick for $3 and a combo format version of Children of Men for $5).
  4. Bluray is a Sony invention (and I’ve made a vow to do my best not to support Sony).

This may be one of the last devices that I purchase that plays any kind of a physical media. I may have a CD player boxed away (with my CDs) in the attic, but it’s been probably close to half a decade since it’s been plugged in. One day I will be saying the same about my DVD players. Physical media is breathing its last breaths, it doesn’t matter if it’s DVD, HD-DVD, or Bluray in the end they all lose.


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