As if I needed more incentive

Posted: January 25, 2009 in Automotive, Baby, General, iPhone, Lotus

Filed away under “things that I’d really like to do some day”, has always been SSCA rally racing, or some kind of auto sport. Maybe it’s that excuse to modify my car, but with purpose. One race that happens once a year is the “One Lap of America“, which is like the Canonball Run, but completely legal.

I remember reading about the 2006 race in Car and Driver and thinking that it is totally something that I could do. The idea is simple, take one car and two drivers, then drive across the United States stopping at race tracks along the way to compete with others. The uniqueness is that your race car needs to be road worthy (and somewhat comfortable), and the car needs to be fairly reliable since you don’t have any support staff or vehicles.

Of course in the years since reading the article I haven’t really thought too much about it, until last week. I’ve been talking to Justin about doing something to capitalize on our name, and maybe generate some PR for Dynolicious. We’ve talked about sponsoring a drag day, or sponsoring a race team, but then I thought, why sponsor someone else when we should be the guys in the driver’s seat?

Of course this lead to a little logic. If we were going to enter such a competition, we’d want to enter into a category with as little competition as possible to maximize our chances of winning our category. Ironically one of the “thinnest” categories is the “Vintage Import” class (imports built before 1988). We just happen to have the perfect vehicle for such a class, well with the exception that the engine is in my basement sitting next to the transmission.

Although if we made a big push we could probably have the car running in time for the May 1 race (and we’d both have to take race classes to be able to register as drivers), we decided with impending nuptials and baby that it would be just a little too irresponsible to try to tackle such a large project right now.

That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if we are driving cross-country in a yellow Lotus in May of 2010.


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