Don't want my business do you?

Posted: February 12, 2009 in General

I’m a fickle consumer. If you waste my time, I’m not going to shop with you. Today I was working on finally pulling the trigger on switching to AT&T DSL, I proceeded through the checkout process. After choosing all of my options, and entering all of my personal details, I then verify the order on the order verification page. Lastly I click the button that says “Place Order”, and I get this…

THIS is the kind of shit that pisses me off. Here’s the problem, I’ve now progressed through the entire order process to be presented with a big “Fuck You”. Should I even bother doing it again later, who’s to say that this isn’t a browser inconsistency, or other permanent bug? They give a phone number, but if I wanted to order via phone I would have fucking called you in the first place (how can I be introverted if I actually have to talk to someone).

I broke down and called them anyway. They seemed to be pretty quick about response, but this isn’t a good way to start things off… AT&T, you’re lucky I’m so fed up with Comcast that this small amount of suckatude didn’t sway my need to escape, but you almost lost my DSL business. It’s just such a sad state of affairs when the better company only has to suck a little less than the competitor.


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