Warming the Hearth (Part 2).

Posted: March 11, 2009 in General

My differential thermostat project hit a few minor snags. My high voltage board took 6 weeks to arrive, and after I tested my circuit it seemed like the temperature sensors were all out of whack. I found that I had a few wires crossed, and was able to get things squared away. This weekend I installed the system in the room and fired it up without issue.

My original design was to build an independent system free of operator control, but my wife decided to expand the specification on me after I had already designed the system. She read that the best prevention for SIDs is to run a fan in the baby’s room. Since we already had the fan installed she wanted me to allow a way for the fan to run all the time if we wanted.

With the addition of a switch, two LEDs, and some additional code the new system was set up. Now my fan switch could be run in one of three modes: on, off, or auto (two LEDs indicate the mode).

Control PanelControl panelVent Installed


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