That's so hot!

Posted: May 24, 2009 in Automotive, Jeep

You can see the status of the stock radiatorOn the subject of Jeep repairs (and my ongoing task of trying to finally get the Jeep running well), I dove into my next big task today, replacing the cooling system. As you can see (from the picture), a healthy percentage of the fins are missing (looks to be maybe 15% of the radiator is gone).

Obviously, replacing the radiator was in order. I figured since I’m 1/2 the way there anyway I may as well replace the water pump, and also finally install the high flow thermostat housing that I bought years ago.

So I started unbolting things and tearing things apart and in about two hours I had the radiator out of the Cherokee, the thermostat housing off, and I was just loosening the bolts to hold the water pump to the block when a crack of thunder made me reconsider my plans. I packed things up, and stowed everything so that I didn’t get caught in the rain. I’ll finish this up over the next few nights.

As a note, unlike some of the engine setups that Jeep used, luckily the fan blades are not attached to the water pump. It looks like I can get the water pump off without removing the fan (because that would be a big pain in the ass). Also, because I have an automatic transmission I have additional plumbed lines to the radiator for that (although I was able to get them off without a huge amount of effort).

In all, I’m fairly happy with the progress, and I would estimate that you can replace a radiator and water pump on a Jeep Cherokee in five or six hours.


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