My evil plan is commencing!

Posted: May 25, 2009 in Automotive

Justin mentioned to me back in April that he thought it might be fun (albeit a little insane) to do an offroading trip on his wedding day in June. Since I am the king of crazy ideas, I’ve taken the flag, and have been pushing to try to make this happen.

Of course there are a few issues with this. First (as I’ve written about recently), my Jeep isn’t really in perfect shape to take out on the trail (but that is slowly being rectified). Secondly, Justin’s Jeep is still undrivable as well (but that too, is slowly being rectified). Of course probably the biggest issue is that his future wife has forbidden him to do this (but I figure of all days, she’ll probably forgive transgressions on this day).

So when Justin asked what we should do about Memorial day. I suggested that we work half the day and spend the other half of the day working on his Jeep… which we did today (after a leisurely lunch).

In a few hours we were able to move that project a little closer to completion (close enough that he only needs to spend a few more hours on it before trying to see if it will pass emissions).


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