Posted: June 2, 2009 in Baby, General

Earlier I mused about the progression of age, and how my son will always be 37 years younger than me. That started me thinking about the things that he will see (or the things that we will both see in the future).

To judge the possibilities I started thinking about things in regard to “how long before I was born”. What happened in the 37 years before I was born? 37 years before my birth was 1935. In the mid-30’s the jet engine was built, the photocopier was invented as was FM radio (not to mention the thousands of things since then).

It’s a little bit of a useless exercise, but it does encapsulate the idea of progress pretty well. I think that’s kind of amazing.
Consider FM radio. It had a rocky start with WWII and competition with TV, but by 1972 (my birth year), it was quite popular (although AM stations still outnumbered FM stations almost 2 to 1).

The photocopier also took some time to become accepted (it wasn’t fast enough until the early 60’s), by the 70’s millions of photocopiers were sold each year.

There is no doubt that the jet engine was very popular leading up to my birth. The first commercial airliner was introduced 20 years before I was born. By 1972, most airlines had retired their prop-based airliners.

When Zee graduates college he’ll be 21. What will happen in the next 21 years? I guess we’ll just have to ride it out to see what 2030 looks like, but in the last 21 years we’ve seen inventions like: HD-TV, digital cell phones, the world wide web, DVDs, and the iPod. Who knows what else has been developed in a lab that won’t become common for a few years.


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