I don't get Twitter.

Posted: June 30, 2009 in General

I really don’t get Twitter. I mean I understand what it is, but honestly it makes no sense to me. Maybe it’s because I’m an introvert, or maybe it’s because I’m not all that prolific. Here’s my problem: My blog isn’t really meant to be consumed by the public. Occasionally I may have a nugget of wisdom, but really it’s more about recording my thoughts and getting them out of my head. I do this for me, not because I have a following (because I’m pretty sure I don’t have much of a following). Blogging is permanent and public (for the most part).

The other side of the coin is instant messaging, which like the phone, I use very sparingly. When I do IM, it’s usually something inane or a short message that doesn’t warrant an actual phone call. Instant messages are disposable and private (although there isn’t a guarantee of either).

So twitter is turning your instant messenger into a permanent and public communication. Really the only difference between a blog and your twitter feed is length. By artificially limiting Tweets to a limited character count you are expected to be terse. So now, we have millions of people explaining the little details of their life that nobody really cares about (“I’m buying milk”, “I’m driving down the highway”). Creating a permanent record of useless drivel.

Of course you could say the same about many blogs, however, I think a lot more thought goes into even the most inane blog post than even some of the more intelligent Tweets. So, in the end, I don’t use Twitter because frankly, if you have something interesting to say, I’ll read it on your blog.


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