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Home ownership

Posted: July 13, 2009 in General

As I continue to work on a variety of projects around the house (I cut down the butchers block last weekend, and this weekend I bought and cut the profile of the baseboard), I realized that we’re nearing the four year mark in our house (not that it was a shock). With average home ownership being six or seven years, we are past that half-way point. Even though we’ve been living in the house for almost four years, it still feels relatively new, like we’ve just begun here. Of course, maybe part of that is that we have so many plans for the house, and our plans extend out five or ten years in that regard*.

*It may be ironic that the only reason we have so many plans for the house is because we love it so much. You might think that we want to change things because we’re unsatisfied and trying to make it better. I think if we didn’t love the house, we’d have no interest in investing time and energy trying to make it better.


Posted: July 11, 2009 in General

This week Dell had a deal on Samsung 23″ monitors, so I picked one up ($168 shipped to my door for a monitor that supports 1920×1080). On the up-side this thing is super bright… almost too bright. On the down side it is a low end LCD, so the overall quality of the image is average, but there are some digital noise (even though I’m running via DVI).

A new monitor brings forth the thought process of a new computer. My old desktop machine lived a long life, and my laptop has been a fine replacement, but I’ve never been terribly happy with it (it’s first generation Intel MacBook). This machine was introduced in April of 2006 and discontinued in October of that year. This is a refurbished machine which I purchased in early 2007, so I have just over two years on the clock (although this thing runs hot, and in general I’ve been somewhat unsatisfied with it for a while now).


To those who still deludedly think they prefer Star Wars over Ghostbusters, all I need do is ask you this: you don’t really want to be a Jedi, do you? In a greige cowl, getting off with your sister, without a single gag across three films? I think if you thought about it a little while longer, you’d realise that you’d far rather be a Ghostbuster: a nerd in New York with an unlicensed nuclear accelarator on your back, and a one in four chance of being Bill Murray.

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Posted: July 3, 2009 in General

It’s unlikely that anyone outside of the town of Berlin has heard of this, but there’s this little political mess that our town is going through. As I understand it, the town council decided that the town would migrate from manual trash pickup to automated trash pickup in July of this year.

Well apparently, politics being what they are, there was a last minute referendum to reject the new trash service. On June 23, there was a vote (I wish I was more aware so I could have voted), and the referendum passed to NOT go with the automated trash pickup.