Posted: July 3, 2009 in General

It’s unlikely that anyone outside of the town of Berlin has heard of this, but there’s this little political mess that our town is going through. As I understand it, the town council decided that the town would migrate from manual trash pickup to automated trash pickup in July of this year.

Well apparently, politics being what they are, there was a last minute referendum to reject the new trash service. On June 23, there was a vote (I wish I was more aware so I could have voted), and the referendum passed to NOT go with the automated trash pickup.

So here’s where it gets hairy. The town had already signed the contract for the new service, and the voters had already approved the budget which included the cost of the new service. Beyond that, the new trash barrels had already been bought by the trash company (to be delivered the week after the vote). So now, even though the vote was to not do the automated trash pickup, the town is facing a much larger issue. The town will probably be sued by the garbage company for breach of contract, which very well could run hundreds of thousands of dollars. Beyond that, the town has to find a new company to collect the trash, because the last company doesn’t want to do it any more (Berlin is one of the last towns in Connecticut that doesn’t do automated pickup).

The bottom line is that there is this big mess… over trash.

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