Posted: July 11, 2009 in General

This week Dell had a deal on Samsung 23″ monitors, so I picked one up ($168 shipped to my door for a monitor that supports 1920×1080). On the up-side this thing is super bright… almost too bright. On the down side it is a low end LCD, so the overall quality of the image is average, but there are some digital noise (even though I’m running via DVI).

A new monitor brings forth the thought process of a new computer. My old desktop machine lived a long life, and my laptop has been a fine replacement, but I’ve never been terribly happy with it (it’s first generation Intel MacBook). This machine was introduced in April of 2006 and discontinued in October of that year. This is a refurbished machine which I purchased in early 2007, so I have just over two years on the clock (although this thing runs hot, and in general I’ve been somewhat unsatisfied with it for a while now).

I’ve decided that perhaps I need to start thinking about what I would replace this machine with when the time comes. I have two paths to choose:

First, replace this machine with another laptop. Next time around I would get something smaller. I’ve decided that it makes more sense to get something with a small screen and just plug in to an external monitor when I need the space. I’d probably bounce to the other end of the spectrum and go for the 13″ since having a laptop really is about the ability to carry it around easily. The only reason I wouldn’t consider the Air is because it’s an extra expense for something that I really don’t need. One of my big complaints about my current machine is that it will only support 2GB of RAM which really isn’t enough for serious computing (that I occasionally still do). The new machines max out at 8GB.

My second option is to go back to a desktop machine, which probably means a Mac Mini which would be a hair slower than the MacBook Pro, but quite a bit cheaper. The only way I’d do this though is if Apple releases some kind of a tablet (a.k.a. Big iPod) device.

So really it comes down to the trigger for a purchase like this. I actually have the three year warrantee on the MacBook which will get me to 2010, so it makes sense to keep it through the end of that (although I wish I could come up with an excuse to replace it before that). On the up-side we’ll probably see two speed bumps for the MacBooks between now and then, and maybe an announcement of a tablet device before the end of this year.

Time will tell…

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