New MacBook

Posted: August 7, 2009 in General

After my post complaining that I didn’t want to upgrade my machine because it still had a year of AppleCare on it, my MacBook died (it must have been listening to me). Luckily I had AppleCare on it, so the repair didn’t cost me anything (that repair alone certainly paid for the cost of AppleCare). In the meantime I kinda felt like that was a sign.

So I bought a new computer. As I mentioned earlier, the specs on the new machines aren’t tremendously better than what I already had, in fact I would say the greatest benefit is the 4x ceiling on the memory (although the new machine is also 64bit, so maybe with Snow Leopard I’ll see a performance bump).

The unibody design is wonderful and feels very solid. I like the fact that 10 screws hold a bottom panel on the laptop and that memory and hard drive are user-upgradable items (and the battery is replaceable here too). I would have opted to not have the glossy screen, but honestly that hasn’t been a big problem for me yet (the LED backlighting is extremely bright and cuts through the glare easily). I do wish apple would come up with a docking system though because I have 4 cables plugged into this thing (power, monitor, USB, audio), and it’s so un-Apple like.

I certainly don’t regret this purchase, and in my book, the 13″ MacBook Pro is by far the most reasonably priced computer you can buy.


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