The Wave

Posted: August 10, 2009 in Automotive, Jeep, Subaru

Simply buying a car can put you into a club with others owning the same car. I was thinking today, after getting a wave from a fellow WRX owner, what are the deciding factors that establish the need (or want) to wave to someone else. If you’ve bought a Corolla you’re not going to be waving to others that own Corollas.

So what makes a car “wavable”? I’ve driven three vehicles that were “wavable”:

  • 1996 Jeep Wrangler
  • 1997 Jeep Cherokee (normally not wavable, but mine is because it’s lifted)
  • 2005 Impreza WRX (although the base model Impreza is not wavable)

So, there are subtle rules about who gets a wave and who doesn’t. There’s an element of uniqueness to these vehicles. Something that says that the owners value their cars as more than just something to get them from point A to point B. The Cherokee isn’t very unique until I added a lift and outfitted it for offroading (although simply modifying a vehicle isn’t enough to elicit the wave).

That said, I’ve owned at least one other potential “wavable” vehicle in the past, my 1995 Eclipse GSX. The Eclipse was defiantly more than just point A to point B, so why wasna’t it “wavable”? I think it was probably because it is hard to distinguish the turbo variant from the non-turbo, so it would be hard to know when to wave (ironically the Impreza is very similar to the Eclipse in many ways, except that the hood scoop identifies the car easily, so you know if you can wave or not).

So it makes me wonder how many other vehicle’s owners wave when you see someone driving your car? I doubt BMW owners wave to each other. What about Mini owners? 350Z owners? Who else gets “The Wave”?


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