Time Ticks By

Posted: December 14, 2009 in General

qlocktwo_1One of the things on my “want” list is a QLOCKTWO. Of course at about $1200, it’s ridiculously overpriced (but I guess that’s the cost of art). I never seriously considered purchasing one, but making one is certainly within my capabilities (I think). Really this is another great project for the Arduino board, so I bought a replacement (since my first board is still functioning in my differential thermostat). I think I’ll be able to build my QLOCKTWO clone for less than $120 when it’s all said and done… I guess we’ll see.

So, I’ve started ordering the “bits” for this project. As I mentioned I’ve bought another Arduino board, but this time around I’ll probably get an Arduino Pro Mini for the final project and keep the Arduino Duemilanove for future projects (the Mini doesn’t have the USB, and is a bit smaller). The cost breakdown:

  • Arduino Pro Mini – $25
  • Frosted Plexiglass (1/8″ x 24″ x 24″) $33
  • 100 5mm flat top 180° LEDs $21
  • 50 2N2222 Transistors $8 (I really only need 20, but I may want to build another clock in the future)
  • 6 HEF4794 Shift/Register Store Chips $11 (again, I only need 3, but this is a good chip to have on hand since it allows me to control a bunch of LEDs).

I want to get the plexiglass and LEDs before I decide on the total size of the clock (the original is 17″ x 17″). I want to see how consistent the light is from the LEDs, I might actually make mine bigger than the original. Once I do that I’ll cut the back out of MDF (which should be pretty cheap), and I’ll probably get the clock face cut from aluminum (and maybe I’ll anodize it). I may also go ahead and get a circuit board made so I don’t end up with a mass of transistors.

I’ll probably slip a light sensor into the package and I’ll need a few buttons to set the time (unlike the original I won’t be including the capability radio sync the time).

  1. pete in england says:

    I too LOVE this clock, but dont have the skills you do to make one or am prepared to pay the ridiculous price they want. How about me paying for the parts for yours and mine and you boulding two or something?

    great idea!


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