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Getting video from the Zonet

Posted: January 20, 2010 in General

I recently purchased a Zonet ZVC7611 because it was relatively inexpensive for an IP camera (about 1/3 of the cost of the Panasonic I’m currently using). I figured if I was going to disassemble a cam to try to improve the IR image, I’d rather do it to a cheap camera.

The problem is the camera is Windows + IE only. It requires an ActiveX control just to view the stream. Luckily I was finally able (with much searching and even a failed attempt to contact their tech support) to get a feed from the camera.

As a side note, the default IP for the camera is Luckily my internal IP range is 192.168.2.X so I didn’t have to muck with anything. Additionally, even without IE you can get the menus to work (and I think you can tweak the settings). It’s just not easy. Also the default username and password is : admin/1234.

A still frame can be retrieved by going to (or at least that’s the default). Still frames are fine, but camera actually looks like it’s a faster frame rate, and better low light than the Panasonic so I really want video… which you can get by going to http://admin:1234@ (notice that you need to encode the username and password into the URL).