Fighting Chaos

Posted: April 12, 2010 in General, House

Owning a house is fighting chaos. Hopefully you can fix stuff quicker than it breaks.

This has been a tough fight since Zee was born. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to take care of everything that needs to be taken care of.

Over the weekend I (attempted to) tackle the outdoor water supply. We have two hose bibs coming out from under our deck. The pipe leading up to these is/was galvanized steel pipe. Which was slowly degrading due to the elements. Last year rust had eaten through the threads on the short segment exiting the house. This year before I turned the water on, I noticed that one pipe had degraded completely at the threads and come loose.

I decided to replace all of the galvanized pipe with PVC pipe. My thought is the pipe won’t rust, and as long as we’re responsible about turning off the water early enough in the season (to keep the pipes from freezing), it should last a very long time.

So I spent a few hours disassembling the remaining pipe, and installing the new pipe (including a rather lame run to Lowes to buy $0.65 worth of fittings that I realized I needed as I got into it). Unfortunately when the moment of truth came, and I turned on the water, the main PVC pipe began squirting water. Very frustrating (luckily very easy to fix), but it takes the wind out of your sails pretty quickly. Hopefully 15 minutes will fix that, but first I need to make another Lowes run.

Once this is done I have a long list of other anti-chaos tasks that need to be accomplished, and I still intend on getting the Lotus running this season… no really.


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