Review of JCR Offroad Rock Sliders

Posted: May 2, 2010 in Automotive, General, Jeep

This weekend I installed my JCR Offroad Stage 2 Rock Sliders for XJ and I thought I’d share my thoughts since JCR is a fairly small shop and there probably aren’t many reviews online for their products.

My primary reason for purchasing the sliders from JCR was because they have the option for many long arm kits (which typically would interfere with a slider built for a stock XJ). Looking though their site I was impressed with the design of their other products (so much so that I’ll probably purchase one of their rear bumpers). Their stage one is just the rail, stage two adds a tube that can act as a step, and stage three modifies that tube so that it’s bent upward to give a bit more clearance.

The Rock Sliders ship via UPS, but as you might imagine they are quite heavy. I have no doubt that mine were probably dropped a few times in shipping as one of the mounting plates were bent, and one of the pinch seam plates was bent. Neither prevented installation, but I do like pristine products.

The Rock Sliders come unfinished so you need to paint them to suit. There were a number of spots on the sliders with slag left over from careless welding. Some were just bubbles of material, there was one spot that was more substantial (so much that I wonder if it was deliberate to mark the slider). I could have cleaned the spots up with the grinder (and in retrospect I probably should have). I sanded the sliders with wet 400 grit sandpaper, then cleaned them well with degreaser. I laid down self etching primer from a rattle can (actually 3 cans). I stuck with black paint on top of the primer.

Installation instructions need to be printed from the internet and are pretty decent. I did find that having a right angle drill is almost vital to install (luckily I bought one when I did the Rusty’s Long Arm kit). It would have been nice if the instructions had indicated that the sliders made for the long arm kits are directional (there is a left and a right side). It’s not hard to figure out, but I could have easily missed it.

Drilling horizontal holes is always a pain, especially through the plate steel of the long arm kit’s mounting plate. I finally grabbed a long ratcheting woodworking clamp to provide force.

The instructions should suggest creating a template for the pinch seem bolt holes. I was lucky on my first side as I got 4 of the 5 holes lined up well, on the second side I was off by several holes. A template would have made this painless and spot on.

Overall I spent several hours prepping and painting the sliders. I figure I’ll go back, mask the body and spray on another couple layers of paint (especially because I put chips in my paint during installation (the black paint I used does not stick to the primer very well). The actually installation on the XJ took about 4 1/2 hours (including cleanup and a few breaks, including lunch). Most of that time is spent drilling holes. I would recommend having 2-3 sharp drill bits, especially if you’re installing over a long arm kit like I was.

Another note, I have a set of Bushwacker pocket flares on my XJ. The flares wrap around under the body slightly. Luckily the sliders fit nicely here. The flares touch the sliders (and are probably even slightly compressed under the flare).

So what’s my final review? I think these are an excellent product. JCR is a small shop, so the fit-and-finish may not be quite as nice as a larger shop, they final product is super solid. Also consider that JCR’s sliders are about $80 less than a shop like Rusty’s (and a lot less than Warn or the huge shops). I have no regrets at all on this purchase. Installation was fairly easy, and although there are things that I wish I had known beforehand. I do wish JCR had a powder coat option though it would have made my life so much easier.

UPDATE: I somehow missed the forest for the trees as part of the install. I somehow had a brain-fart in regard to the fender flares and the sliders. The rear fender flares are attached to the doors, and they need to have some clearance underneath to allow the door to open/close. It’s really close. The passenger side rear door is fine, but the driver’s side doesn’t quite have enough clearance. I’m going to need to modify the flare to allow the door to open and close easily.

  1. Daryl says:

    Thanks for the review! I appreciate seeing things like this out there, helps us make sure we are on point, and make any changes as needed.

    UPS pretty much throws are products around aimlessly *lol*

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