Project Progress

Posted: May 24, 2010 in Automotive, Jeep, Projects

The last two weekends have been pretty productive. I finally took the time to properly wire up the accessories in the Jeep. My lights have been mounted on the roof rack for well over six years, but never wired. The air compressor has been mounted in the back for three years and not wired.

I did it right this time around though. I didn’t want to hack wires to get things running right so I ran all new wiring. A new 8GA power lead comes from the battery into the cabin to a new fuse block (with room to grow). I rewired the subwoofer to run off the fuse block, as do the lights and the compressor.

I reused the fog light switch for my floods, and used the switch that came with the floods for the compressor. In the rear luck was on my side as I found the mounting rails that Justin and I built years ago for the compressor allowed me to put a PC fan mounted behind the compressor. A few mounting holes later I now have a cooling system for the compressor as well.

The wiring took a lot longer than I expected, but it’s a good solid install so I have no issue with the time spent. The weekend after it was finally time to try to put the interior back into the Jeep. The problem with a project like that is that you never remember where things go. It was a bit like putting a puzzle back together (there is an order to things, and I found myself removing panels multiple times to refit things). By the end of the day, all but two interior pieces were back in place. My to-do list of Jeep things to do before this year’s Field Trip at the end of June is getting pretty short.


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