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Reviving my old scanner

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Computing, General

I have a Canon LiDE 30 flatbed scanner (actually I have that and an LiDE 20 scanner). For this kind of hardware, I don’t think of it as old, but the fact is the scanner was originally released in 2002. The problem is that, as is typical with these sort of things, the Canon drivers are really out of date, and haven’t been updated since the original release of the scanner. Of course this was the era of PowerPc and OS X was just around 10.2… ancient times in terms of computing.

So about two years ago I spent money on a piece of software called Vuscan, which, frankly is crap for the cost (unless you use your scanner on a weekly basis). The software worked, but at $40 you only get upgrades for a year (even minor upgrades), and you’re SOL if you misplace your copy because the author doesn’t archive older copies of the software. Although functional, the software is certainly not worth “upgrading” each year if I only use my scanner once a year.