Let's be Clear

Posted: January 6, 2011 in General

So yesterday I setup Clear WiMax for our internet and phone, replacing AT&T DSL and POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service). WiMax is 4G cellular service and the pricing is pretty competitive.

My big issue is that East Berlin seems to be in a hole, and the best DSL service I could get was about 1.2Mbit downstream and 0.3Mbit upstream. We ran with DSL for a while because I got tired of Comcast’s crappy and expensive service (the latency was horrible, and we always had spotty service). Personally I would prefer to have AT&T’s U-verse which is fast enough that they push cable over internet too, but I doubt we’re ever going to see that.

So far the results seem pretty good. I’m seeing about 3x speed increase in both up and downstream. The phone number will take a few days to transfer over, but with Clear we get free long distance, voicemail (delivered to email if we’d like), and a few other nice features. All of this for about the same price as our AT&T DSL.

We have 14 days to decide if we’re going to keep it, so I’ll be stress testing over the next two weeks, but things look good so far.


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