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Neglecting the Links

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Computing, General

I admit it, those links on the right side of my blog are neglected. Before today they haven’t been touched in years (that’s plural years). In internet time, they are ancient fossils. No doubt about it, many were outdated and no longer in existence. So I thought I’d clean house a bit.

Since my area of interest has changed from Web Design to Mobile UI Design most of the web-specific websites have been removed (because I don’t read them myself).


Watch your language

Posted: February 2, 2011 in General

Maybe I’m just getting old, but lately I’ve noticed a lot of LOL-speak showing up in professional emails.

The most egregious was a “peer” vendor (i.e. we both worked as a vendor for the same client), who on multiple occasions would use “u” for “you” in emails to me. We are not friends and we don’t “hang out”, why would you use language like that in a business email?

I thought perhaps that he was an outlier until I started receiving emails from another peer-vendor who would shorten “let me know” to “lmk”. That doesn’t rub me quite as raw as the “u” shorthand, but it still feels improper to me.