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Rebuilt calipers

Posted: May 29, 2004 in Lotus

Spent some time at Aaron’s shop rebuilding the front calipers, it does indeed look like one of the pistons on the passenger side was frozen (I think it was the outboard piston.) I have my doubts about the rebuild, but I guess we’ll see how much brake dust accumulates over the next 1k miles or so.I ordered new pads from JAE, but I’m hoping some sandpaper on the rotors will save them. Also when I pulled the calipers off I noticed that the bushings for the sway bars were destroyed (due to age and use,) so I ordered a new set of those as well.I’m also going to swap my front wheels and see if that helps the vibration at all. I know that the age of the tires and the slightly out of round stock wheel can’t be helping matters.


Damn brakes…

Posted: May 3, 2004 in Lotus

Friday after work I stopped by VR and Aaron put the car up on the lift. He retightened the hub nuts (which were a bit loose.) I did notice that the slight shimmy was more pronounced after that. I drove the car around quite a bit Friday night and things didn’t get any better.Saturday afternoon I pulled the calipers off and tried to exercise the calipers as suggested by JAE. I’m not sure but I think the outboard piston on the passenger side may be sticking. I applied brake quiet to the back of the pads in the hope that it would quiet things up. I did notice that the dust shield was rubbing on the rotor (so I bent it out of the way a little.)The brake quiet didn’t help a whole lot which worries me a little. Anyway, it doesn’t look like I’m in the clear yet.

Just driving…

Posted: May 2, 2004 in General, Lotus

Spent the last couple days hanging out with Aaron and some of the old CCDSM guys. I even did a couple laps on “the Pike.” Things have changed a lot there, but in a lot of ways it’s the same old thing.Saturday I dropped by Justin’s and caught a ride in the CJ that he’s built up for offroading. Justin is one of those guys that you wish you could just hang out with for days on end in hopes that you can sponge up some of the shit that he knows. We talked for an hour or so before I headed over to Brian’s. Brian and I drove over to VR to hang out for a bit. Brian actually decided to have Aaron do some work on his 240, I might be able to get Brian to rice his ride yet! Anyway things were good, I didn’t want to bore Brian too much so we went to lunch, then he decided to go home. I can’t blame the guy, he broke his wrist and he put up with crawling (literally) in and out of the Lotus.I drove around for an hour before a group of us went over to Hops to hang out. It was probably 11 or so before things broke up, I took a couple loops around the pike again and headed home.Today was a lazy day, I did spend some time doing some work though. I also spent some time playing with one of the pictures of the lotus and dreaming up what it might look like in a couple of years.

Squeeky brakes

Posted: April 29, 2004 in Lotus

Talked with Aaron about the squeeky brakes and he thinks part of the problem is that the hub nuts need to be tightened. Easy enough to do by myself, but he said just drop by and he’ll take care of it.I have noticed that other than the shimmy that is back (probably due to the hub nuts,) the car seems to be operating better in general. I have had few problems getting it started again when it’s warm. I’m curious if driving it as much as I have been has cleared out some of the “junk” in the system.

Custom interior

Posted: April 27, 2004 in Lotus

Jan is still doing his research into custom interior pieces. The initial cost of some parts are cost prohibitive, but I’m hoping if I can get some time in Justin’s shop I might be able to custom make my own parts on his mill (of course I have to learn to use it first!)


Posted: April 27, 2004 in Lotus

I got an email from Eurocarb today. The cost for the carb rebuild kit is bit more expensive than I thought it would be. The cost of everything including a set of idle jets and floats is almost $200US. Certainly not a show stopper, but certainly a bit more than I was hoping to pay.

Believe it or not, after searching on various websites and even having some contact with Lotus UK (who at first seemed very helpful, but then totally dropped the ball,) I finally found a pair of the legendary red/red springs on eBay of all places.For those that care, the red/red springs were springs that were put on the Esprit from the factory that were shorter. There are a couple of theories on this, but it seems as though most cars have the longer springs fitted to the car. I personally think the car looks like there’s an extra 1/2″ on the front end (which is why I was looking for the red/red springs.)