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I’ve been on a “get my Jeep running right” kick lately. My wife hasn’t been too thrilled as I come home from work, change clothes and work on the Jeep for a few hours. I’m dreadfully behind schedule though, things never seem to go to plan (and always seem to take twice as long as they should).



Things you never knew

Posted: February 19, 2009 in Automotive, Short

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Filed away under “things that I’d really like to do some day”, has always been SSCA rally racing, or some kind of auto sport. Maybe it’s that excuse to modify my car, but with purpose. One race that happens once a year is the “One Lap of America“, which is like the Canonball Run, but completely legal.

I remember reading about the 2006 race in Car and Driver and thinking that it is totally something that I could do. The idea is simple, take one car and two drivers, then drive across the United States stopping at race tracks along the way to compete with others. The uniqueness is that your race car needs to be road worthy (and somewhat comfortable), and the car needs to be fairly reliable since you don’t have any support staff or vehicles.


Magic Hat

Posted: November 25, 2008 in Short, Subaru

In case you were wondering, I can fit a piece of trim 116 inches inside my WRX…

That’s a lot of wood.

Time to get my ass in gear

Posted: April 6, 2008 in Automotive, House, Subaru

This weekend was the first reasonably nice weekend of the year. After months of dragging my ass out of bed late on the weekends, I actually got motivated (well as motivated as I get) to do something.


Affordable exotics

Posted: January 1, 2007 in Automotive, General, Top List

aston martinSince the day that I discovered an Esprit could be bought for under $20,000 I’ve been interested in other affordable exotics. I’ve decided to start a list of other exotic and rare cars that can be considered affordable.

To make the list:

  • You should be able to buy a running vehicle for under $25k.
  • The car has to have a certain intrinsic rarity. (This is a bit of a judgement call, but in my opinion something like a Porsche 944 doesn’t qualify).


Hebron Demo Derby

Posted: September 9, 2006 in Automotive, General

My friend Justin (and Nicole) entered the Hebron Harvest Fair demolition derby on Thursday. Justin’s Crown Victoria was knocked and was unable to be resuscitated in his first rumble. Nicole was able to get her car running again and went for a second run in the wild-card race. Neither survived long enough to compete in the finals, but they both get serious props for attempting something like this.