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See ya Steve

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Computing, iPhone

With everything going on in the world, it might seem silly to make note of Steve Jobs stepping down as CEO of Apple. The fact is though, this is a man, who’s leadership took a company 90 days from bankruptcy to one of the most powerful companies in the world in just under fifteen years.

I don’t doubt there are better people in the world than Steve, certainly more moral and more selfless, however as a geek (and Apple lover since the 1980’s), Steve is a celebrity and a great man.


As a UI/UX designer for the iPhone and iPad, I pretty much live and breathe iOS interfaces. Recently I was reading Matt Rix’s Blog, and I read his post on game makeovers and I had a few thoughts.

I’m going to offer my skills as a designer to those small iOS developers out there, but more on that in a bit, first my thoughts on Matt’s blog post…

His example is a game called MicroSquares, but I have no doubt that a good percentage of games in the App Store fall prey to the same issues. The fact is, Matt is a rarity when it comes to programmers. He understands the importance of UI and the skills to develop a good UI, but also the skills to implement it. Most developers only have the inkling of what makes a good UI.


The down-side to the iPhone 4’s retina display is that developers need to now create two sets of graphics for their apps. For apps to take advantage of the higher resolution iPhone 4 screen, they need to create double-sized graphics saved with an “@2x” at the end of the name.

Moving forward, creating those double-sized graphics aren’t really a big deal. The standard workflow (for me) has usually been to create all of my graphics at 2x, then open the exported graphics and scale them down to the 1x size. Not really a lot of work, but using Photoshop for this is a little overkill, and to be honest, Photoshop’s actions and replication skills tend to leave a lot to be desired. Luckily in about 3 minutes you can build your own app that will do the job quickly and easily.


So we all know that the iPhone doesn’t allow 3rd party apps to run in the background. Push notification is a great solution (for battery life and even may even be a better solution than background processes for many apps). There are a few app ideas that we’ve had in the past that just don’t work well because of the lack of background processes.


Filed away under “things that I’d really like to do some day”, has always been SSCA rally racing, or some kind of auto sport. Maybe it’s that excuse to modify my car, but with purpose. One race that happens once a year is the “One Lap of America“, which is like the Canonball Run, but completely legal.

I remember reading about the 2006 race in Car and Driver and thinking that it is totally something that I could do. The idea is simple, take one car and two drivers, then drive across the United States stopping at race tracks along the way to compete with others. The uniqueness is that your race car needs to be road worthy (and somewhat comfortable), and the car needs to be fairly reliable since you don’t have any support staff or vehicles.


Cara and I are on a plane headed to CancĂșn, the last reasonable vacation before baby arrives. I don’t mind flying (unlike Cara who really hates it). It does tend to be a number of hours of almost boredom (usually compounded upon lack of sleep). (more…)

Quitting is never easy

Posted: September 1, 2008 in Computing, Gaming, General, iPhone

It’s nice to be loved. When you break up with your girlfriend you finally figure out what kind of relationship you had. All the truth comes out, you find the real truth of character. I think a job is similar.