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Other than the small issue with the hotel not having a registration for us, we were able to get to our room pretty easily.


Cara and I are on a plane headed to Cancún, the last reasonable vacation before baby arrives. I don’t mind flying (unlike Cara who really hates it). It does tend to be a number of hours of almost boredom (usually compounded upon lack of sleep). (more…)

How Dry I Am

Posted: October 7, 2007 in General, Vacation

Cara, Reneé, Ben and I just returned from a short Vegas vacation today. Overall we had a lot of fun, even if our feet are sore. There’s not much relaxing to be done in Vegas, and if you want to see the sights, you do a lot of walking (I’m not sure if we walked more in NYC or Vegas). We saw a lot, but missed so much, that we could have easily been there for twice as long and still not gotten everything in.