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Matrix and Bill

Posted: November 9, 2003 in General

Cara and I decided to head over to Manchester last night. We dined and then went and saw Matrix:Revolutions and Kill Bill v1. I was rather disappointed in Matrix. After viewing it, it’s like they just didn’t try hard enough with the script. They would beat you over the head with certain plot points, but others they would just gloss over. Maybe I need a second viewing later after I’ve digested it for a while.

As for Kill Bill, overall I would say it’s a good flick. My biggest pet peeve was the fact that the fonts for the title graphics made no sense. It would go from large to small, sarif to sans-sarif. Of course there was then the “Monty Python blood” as Cara put it. Bottom line, QT has a script writing gift. Each of the characters has a lot of color, the scenes are clever and enjoyable to watch. Defiantly worth watching (or buying.)

Song Lyrics

Posted: November 7, 2003 in General

In the last couple years I’ve been actually listening to lyrics of music more often. It’s funny how you can know the words to the songs, but not actually know what the words say. The words were just another instrument, and what they said wasn’t as important as the music they made.

I remember getting the Lenny Kravitz hits disc and thinking how I thought it was so contrived that he tried too hard to rhyme his words. I thought the music became a little disjointed, I felt as though the meter of his words was more important than the words themselves. I lost respect for Mr. Kravitz at that point, although I can’t say it’s a huge loss.

It happened again recently. I picked up Train’s new CD “My Private Nation,” and realized the same thing occurs. To the point where not only can I not listen to that CD (it annoys me,) but their previous albums are tarnished too. A lyrical example:

No need to get mad
I don’t spend my time with anyone
Who doesn’t think I’m wonderful
Or somewhat cash refundable at times

“Somewhat cash refundable at times”?

Now, I’ll admit I’m not the smartest guy on the block, especially when it comes to “seeing the meaning of things,” but I don’t get it (and don’t worry it’s not out of context.)

Anyway, my point is that I was listening to Nickleback’s new CD “The Long Road” on the way into work today. I started listening to the lyrics on the track “Should’ve Known”, and I thought it was clever. Now maybe Nickleback’s lyrics are closer to my intelligence level. They do ryhme here an there, but you know it works, becuase the lyrics make sense. For instance:

Well now, I guess I should’ve listened.
When you said you’ve had enough.
A little trick I picked up from my father.
in one ear and out the other.
Why’s love got to be so tough?